Yamaha XSR 155 going to launch soon

Yamaha xsr can be launch in june this year 2020

Price should be expect to be around 140000

Its is powered by 155.1 CC engine and max power 19.3 HP

Yamaha is going to launch his all-new bike in the all-new segment retro bike the new bike is called xsr 155 which is a modern retro bike based on his older model but with the new looks and style .


The bike will be launch with a bs6 engine which provides the max power of 19.3hp and the max torque of 14.7NM at 8500RPM the bike has a top speed of 135kmph .the bike also comes with dual-channel abs(anti-lock braking system) The XSR155 shares its feature with the MT-15 and R15 V3.0. It gets a delta box frame, a USD fork, and a mono-shock, alloy wheels and disc brakes on both ends. So as Thailand pricing the xsr155 is cheaper there in comparison to MT-15 and R15 V3.0. In India the price is to be cheap also around 1.4 lakh

Yamaha XSR 155 offered in four color schemes

  • The White/Red Sport Heritage
  • The Premium Grey
  • TheBlack Elegance
  • The Green Wanderlust

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