Honda CBR 250rr recently shows his upgraded version in Indonesia. the engine of the bike has some little changes and but the major difference comes the new colors introduced by the honda in 2020. the color is mat red and black freedom. and all previous colors are also available.


Honda has boasted the horsepower at low- to mid-revolution, as well as the exclusive sports bike feature of achieving a high power output. Furthermore, Honda has introduced the *1“Throttle By Wire” system on a 250cc class bike for the first time. The open and close of the throttle handle is transmitted to the system through electrical signals instead of a traditional mechanical structure.


honda cbr250rr has a new steel tube frame design that combines rigidity with flexibility. It’s equipped with an inverted fork at the front, unsymmetrical aluminum swing arm and Pro-Link with a good grip performance at the rear wheel, releasing the model’s outstanding power performance in full and achieving ideal handling.

In terms of the look, the model employs a cutting-edge design of sloping from a lower position at the front to the back, showcasing its unique sense of power and speed. Also, this model considerably reduces the dimension between the fuel tank and the seat, taking care of the foot peg convenience and nimbleness in use.

As for the lighting equipment, high luminance LED lights have been employed for flashlights, tail lights and its visually unique double headlights, reflecting the state-of-the-art design of the new model.


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